Sunday, 26 May 2013

Busy Busy Bees are we...............................

I uploaded my 'book' on Friday night to el Blurb.   Let me tell you ......... everything that could go wrong - in the process of uploading  - DID.!!

I had to upload the images three times in total.  I left so many blank pages that I was worried that the software would automatically assume that I was a 'brainless wonder'  and most likely decline from forwarding me through to the point where I could submit the material for my book and just pay the money.

above a screen grab of 12 of the files generated towards 
this altered pod project by Friday night

No discount by the way after all my efforts........... ho hum !!   BUT........  after I'd  had all this frustration and exasperation with the upload............ I just wanted to pay the money and for the task "to be done"........... it truly was quite a contrast to the last time I did an upload.  Friday night probably wasn't the most ideal time to do the upload now that I think on it.

Actually in a typical Blurb manner - they only went and sent me a discount code today........ (tut !!)

  the other ten images I made for the book

Additionally I wasn't going to do anything to the cover and was going to just leave it blank.  I mean I was planning that I would be encasing it, in a hardcover after all, so it was irrelevant.

However in the end I did throw an image on there and inserted the title of the book as Untitled" by 'Anonymous', as the author.
I thought to myself that again the software might assume I had forgotten it and refuse to push it through to the 'printing the book' phase.

 And because I had had so much trouble with uploading it and then locating it, each time I revisited the website to continue working  -  I just wanted it to be finished.  They really could do with a dashboard on there to clearly delineate where to find things.

 I was so exhausted and by then it was two in the morning..........So now I can get back to the intaglio/inkjet print edition I am doing for another project for impact.

I spent way too much time doing the intaglio plate for it using carborundum on Perspex  BUT its done and now I can get on with its background.  I already know how that part is going to look so I just need to try out different media and then select the best one as the 'back ground'.

Its very good to hear how some of you are getting on I just hope those that haven't been posting on here are doing OK?.     Everyone was invited on here to be able to create posts so its not for the want of an invitation.  Perhaps you are all working away quietly and don't have time to write posts on top of all your other commitments.  I can understand that.

As well as getting the imagery finished for this project I also had to send a book off to David Faithful for an artists book exhibition he's curating for another Impact project.  That book is from the most recent edition of 15 books that I made for the Book Art Object Project which I am a member of, these past few years .  Its only the second edition of books I have ever created.

One thing I know about for 2014 and that is that I will not be making an edition of artists books.

Making this unique artists book for me is wonderfully liberating.  Its so good to know I don't have to be limited by the fact that I have to things I know I can repeat 15 times to a high standard.

I can do whatever I like - I just wish I had realised that Blurb books were 'perfect bound' which of course is the most ironic of terminology given that they are very much not perfectly bound.  Had they been in signature format it would have made all the difference.

If any of you become aware of a Print On Demand service that binds their books using stitch then please do let us all know.

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  1. These look great!! I am sorry you had such a hard time with the uploading! Mine worked very well and was quite simple. I look forward to seeing your alterations!