Monday, 9 September 2013

Post Impact 8

I did a 'test layout' on our glass table, in our house,  a couple of days before going along to Dundee University.  I knew that this table was approximately the same size as the ones we were being 'allotted' at the book artists exhibition display area.    I have to admit I found displaying Sue Corr's book a bit of a trial - its so exquisitely delicate and complicated.  In the end - as things turned out -   she was able to set it up for herself, at the Conference. 

Top left:  Teresa Gomez Martorell's book "Orto", Right:  Madeleine Samson's book,
Lower left: Mary Taylors book"Fast and Shiny", Lower right: Sue Corr's book "Shadow Boundaries".

Sandra Winkworths book, which I found a bit tricky to get into correct display mode "Birds Home"

Centre left:  Aine Scannell's  book (untitled),  centre:  right: Sue Corr's book  "Shadow Boundaries".
Lower left: Anna Johnson's book "Nothing", right:  Mary Taylor's book  with the lid of Annie Woodford's book.

The details for this are, as per previous photo -  except now you can view Madeleine Samson's book opened

Top left: Aine Scannell's  book (untitled), Below:  Anna Johnson's book "Nothing"

Top left: Annie Woodfords book opened, top right: Aine Scannell's  book (untitled).
Lower left: Sylvia Taylor's book, "I've Got Your Back" opened,  right:  Anna Johnson's book "Nothing".

I like how you can get a sense of the blue-ness,  in this opened-out view of Teresa Gomez Martorell's book "Orto".   Lower left: Sue Corr's book  "Shadow Boundaries", right:  opened view of  Madeleine Samson's book. 

Left: Teresa Gomez Martorell's book "Orto", right: opened view of Denise Pelletier's book.
Left: Sue Corr's book,  "Shadow Boundaries" opened, on the  right:  an open view of  Madeleine Samson's book. 

Top: opened view of  Marilee Salvator's book, below left:  Aine Scannell's untitled book, and on the right: an open view of Sue Corr's book,  "Shadow Boundaries".

Top left:  partial view of  Eleanor Symm's book,    left:  Sylvia Taylor's book "I've Got Your Back" and on the right:  Annie Woodford's book.

Sandra Winkworths book "Birds Home"

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