Monday, 9 September 2013

Artists Books Exhibition at Impact 8 ( Part 1 )

General view from our table in the 'Artists Books" exhibition area at DJCAD, University of Dundee.

In the foreground on the long plinth is a selection of artists books from Bookartobject's most recent edition (edition4) which were displayed by Sara Bowen to accompany her talk about the project: Conversations: artists’ books from BookArtObject Edition Four  .  My book " Where Sleeping Birds Lie" is one of the selected books displayed, on the plinth.

Unravelling Signatures table at Impact 8, (Photo 1)  In the upper centre you can see Anna Johnson's beautiful book "Nothing"  - like many of the pieces it's best viewed in the real and handled to appreciate its tactile qualities.  Lower left and somewhat honey and amber coloured is my own artists book for the Unravelling Signatures project,  as yet it is still untitled.  That cover is made from a previously inked  drypoint card plate - that I liked the look of.  

Madeleine Samson (one of our exhibiting artist from Canada)  at our table looking through Eleanor Symm's book "Crumple" .  On the extreme right is Annie Woodford's much admired book which explored the microscopic.

General view (2) from our table in the 'Artists Books" exhibition area at DJCAD.  Upper left with a maroon coloured neck-scarf, is Sumi Perera.  We were both selected and exhibited in "Small Print Big Impression" a couple of years back.   It's  a mini print exhibition held by Leicester Print Workshop every few years.  I would recommend making a submission to it - if and when they put another call-out for works.  The exhibition is well organized,  publicized and I got more sales through that exhibition than in any other I have participated in.  Always a nice catalogue too.  Sumi had an exhibition of prints called "Lines Exploring Space…"
and also presented an artists book called  "Nature of the Place", in the Open Book session.

In the centre of the picture is  Sue Corr, who is one of the exhibiting artists with Unravelling Signatures.  A big thank you to Madeleine and Sue for collecting the box of artists books for me,  on the Tuesday morning and setting them up for display on the Wednesday morning before the conference opened -  as I had difficulties with being able to attend in person. Sue and Madeleine were so good at mingling and  explaining and sharing our project with  people - I really appreciated their enthusiasm.

Aine Scannell finally gets to meet the lovely Sara Bowen, in person.  Aine has been a participating artist in Bookartobject, an international artists books making project since 2010.  The project was initiated by Sara, in August 2009.  Since then its grown and grown and grown - culminating in the most recent edition (4) which featured 100 books !!!!!................... more about the project see the WEBSITE

Unravelling Signatures on display at the Artists Books exhibition within Impact 8, International Printmaking conference held at Dundee University 2013.  In the foreground green coloured, on the lower left is Mary Hoods book.  Mary who I first came across, a few years back, on Inkteraction makes artists books and prints and installations.  I loved how she integrated inkjet and traditional printmaking and thats how we initially got communicating.  

Mary presented a paper, in a panel discussion called " Appropriation in Post Digital Practices" at the conference.  I regret to say, that I did not get to meet Mary in person.

Above someone looking through an artists book called "The Office"by Martin Rieser, see his biography page on the impact site for further info about his project.  Martin also presented a paper "3D Printing - Inside Out".

Machteld Hali ( an interesting artist who lives in Australia and who I very much enjoyed meeting) , myself (Aine Scannell) and artist Martin Rieser ( who I also had the pleasure of meeting)  at Impact 8,  in the Artists Books exhibition area, DJCAD.


  1. Congratulations, you must feel very accomplished on a job very well done. Thanks for posting the Impact 8 display.

    I wonder what your conclusions are; are POD's a useful resource for artists who make books? I know in my own case I'm not entirely satisfied with the process or the results, I still prefer to create one of kind books and leave the editions to those who enjoy the challenges of designing and building multiples.

  2. I second Mary's comments. Congratulations Aine... and lovely to see you here!