Monday, 5 August 2013

Update from Aine... Beginning August 2013

Well the deadline is drawing ever closer and I don't know about you guys but I had better 'get my finger out' and get my book completed !!!
I have to go up to Dundee University on the 28th of this month to install our project at Impact 8.
I do now have all my pages completed so its now a case of collating them and making the cover etc.

I apologise for being somewhat 'out of the loop' for a while............various factors were at play including extreme heat and the completion of my edition of 20 X A3 size prints for the print workshop here in Dunfermline.................we are presenting a portfolio and an exhibition of the works.  Special 'rarely seen' and very welcome Icelandic  visitors also had to be entertained. 
Household pets going through ill health...............  the list goes on and on and on..........I suppose you might say 'life got in the way'........ sort of thing.

Given that the weather here is usually tending to the grey and cold side be so hot that it was difficult to apply oneself to physically vigorous tasks.......was utterly, utterly bizarre!!.     Yet there it was.  On those days I could only just manage to work at the computer.


1.  Denise Pelletier 

2.  Sue Corr

3.  Mary Taylor

4.  Anna Johnson

5.  Mary Hood

6.  Anna Woodford

7.  Marilee Salvator

8.  Madeleine Samson

9.  Mary Taylor it feels good to have it 'done and dusted' !!!!

Of course one of the other factors that has been bothering me in my own efforts to adhere and complete my own book has been the fact that I found it 'difficult' in an aesthetic and tactile sense,  to engage with the nature of the paper that the Blurb books are printed on .  

Even though I upgraded to the so called 'premium matte',  I might as well have stayed with the standard Blurb option, for all the difference it made.  

I'm afraid that like my usual self I got carried away with the idea of it all and the products, possibilities,  projects I was creating in my imagination............... way too much............. before I really thought it all through in a practical sense. 

I am sure that many of you will have found this a problem too.?

However given the great outcomes I have been receiving in the post this past month .............I can see that, none the less,  you have put so much effort and thought into the very unique art works that you have created.

Well done !!!!

I have to admit that I am  a bit worried,  as to those of you I / we have not heard that much from...........................I do hope that you will post your books through to me to reach me before the 27th August.

Please do email me again for my postal address - if you cant locate it.

Speaking of not being able to locate data / information /  files............

Well I had an 'accident' with my computer which has left me without about half of the files I had on my computer.....amongst which was the folder which contained  all my work for this project.

So unfortunately this means that if you originally sent me high resolution files (jpgs)  images of your books then I would very much appreciate it - if you would re send them to me. I am really sorry to have to put you to the trouble of doing it again.

The People I hope to receive works from  are :

Teresa Gomez-Martorell

Eleanor Symms

Sylvia Taylor

Sandra Winkworth

Paul Musgrove

Kestutis Vasiliunas

Jonathan Stewart

Colleen Corradi Brannigan

.......that will make a total of 18 completed art works.

We did start out with 20 participants but one person here in the UK, Janet Allsebrook,  had to drop out because of family difficulties.  The other person was Sarah Clark who had moved to the channel islands about 2 years ago and had indicated her desire to participate.  However she seemed to drop off the radar - all emails kept coming back to my email box and occasional web searches yielded no further information.

I look forward to receiving the remaining pieces.................


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